Madeon – The City (The M Machine Remix)



It didn’t really occur to me that a song this good needed a remix.  It’s now been a few months since it was released and for my always evolving iTunes playlist it doesn’t get as many plays as it did that first week.  I haven’t heard anything by M Machine before, but what I do know is I want to hear more because they’ve taken this happy-go-lucky Madeon track and given it that big room sound you expect to hear with someone on a stage, not an ipod.  This remix has completed revitalized this song for me and hopefully it will for you as well.  Make sure to click the link of the song below if you want to snag it for yourself.


Madeon – The City

What a great song to count down the end of summer with.  This song is Madeon’s newest dream project.  Turn up your headphones an extra notch, close your eyes, and remember all the good times you had the summer.

Madeon – The City

Madeon – Finale (Teaser)

Madeon has done it again.  His new song Finale seems a bit different from his other hits, but equally as impressive for the impressive, recently 18-year-old, from France.  This unfortunately is only a preview, but with a well shot video to add I think I wil be able to wait patiently for this song to be released.  Madeon is a truly unique DJ that has such a specific sound you will know it’s him when you hear his music.  This song is able to add some lyrics from Nicholas Petricca that are guaranteed to stick in your head.  Don’t worry about keeping your ear to the ground for this release, I’ve got you covered.

Madeon – Icarus

After months of speculation, hype and rumor, Madeon FINALLY released the finished version of his track “Icarus” on his soundcloud today.  The kid is an absolute sensation at age 17 – you’ve probably heard his remix of Deadmau5’s Raise Your Weapon – and his talent is only growing by the day (see – Pop Culture Live Mash Up Video) .  Get this song and look out for his EP later this year.

Madeon – Icarus