Avicii New Album Promo Mix


After a very controversial Ultra mainstage set where Avicii essentially played two sets, one that you would expect to hear, or have heard him play over the last year or two.  The second set included many of the emerging tracks that are coming off his new album including a few IDs from the 2012 festival season and a live band with the likes of Aloe Blacc and Incubus guitarist Michael Einziger.  Maybe the kazoo isn’t your favorite instrument, but that song has a foot tapping groove that is contagious.  Criticize Avicii as much as you would like, but very few DJs are pushing their talents forward and in new directions and Avicii may be standing alone sending his musical talents in the bluegrass EDM that people keep suggesting.  I think people are upset that they can’t say Avicii is too mainstream anymore and are worried that his quick emergence into dance music was not due to one catchy tune, but is attributed to real musical talent with an ear for the next big sound.  I’m surprised that I havent heard any endorsement from Fedde Le Grand considering his new SONG with Sultan + Shepard has a similar kind of feel.

If Avicii is no longer your cup of tea then I implore you to at least click into 33min and give that song a listen, or re-listen if you remember Summerburst 2012 or Paradiso 2012.




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