Cazzette – Beam Me Up [Video] + Eject Pt.1 Album Stream


“Dub-house” might be a good way to describe Cazzette, but honestly, they’re a little more Avicii than they are Knife Party. The former mostly because they are under Ash Pournouri’s At Nigh Management, a strong force behind Avicii’s meteoric rise.  Cazzette are known primarily for their dubbed out remixes of Levels and N***as in Paris, but today, the swedish duo dropped part 1 of their debut album Eject – a project that should catapult them into notoriety. This comes just days after releasing a new video for the lead single “Beam Me Up”.  Not only is “Beam Me Up” the best production on the album, it is one of the more brilliantly awesome music videos of the year, with the premise that Aliens (Cazzette) have come to earth and infected us with a dance fever (and we’re all thinking – why aren’t all aliens like this?). Regardless, their sound is diverse and unique, and from what I hear, it translates very well live.  I have no doubt that Cazzette are part of the new wave of talent that’ll be rockin’ main stages for years to come.

Cazzette’s album is exclusively on Spotify


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