[New Music] Dada Life

Our favorite banana slinging, champagne popping Electro House duo is dropping their much anticipated full length album “The Rules of Dada” next Tuesday, Oct 16.  Undoubtedly, its going to be full of huge drops and dirty synths with their signature sausage fattener sound.  Besides favorites like “Feed the Dada”, “Kick out the Epic Motherfucker” “Happy Violence” and “Rolling Stones T-Shirt”, there’s about 8 other previously unreleased tracks.  Luckily, Stefan and Ollie have been kind enough to grace us with previews of three of the most hyped up songs (including their first venture into…wait for it…HARDSTYLE?!?! – aptly titled “Boing Clash Boom”) Enjoy the teasers, and look forward to hearing them in their entirety this coming Tuesday.



01. Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker
02. Feed The Dada
03. Arrive Beautiful Leave Ugly
04. So Young So High
05. You Will Do What We Will Do
06. Happy Violence
07. Rolling Stones T-Shirt
08. Bass Don’t Cry
09. Everything Is Free
10. Boing Clash Boom
11. Don’t Stop


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