Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have achieved something never done before – topping the iTunes Charts as an INDEPENDENT artist. On top of that, they’ve sold all 7,500 seats available to their show this Friday at WaMu. Incredible feats on their own, but this album’s legacy will greatly outlive the trivial stats.  This may be bold and biased, but I’m gonna say it anyways.  The Heist is one of the greatest Rap albums ever made.  Not since Graduation have I heard a rap album of this quality from start to finish. Loaded with emotion, humor and beauty; storytelling that can only be rivaled by Marshall Mathers, and substantial messages so poetically spoken –  The Heist is the complete package. To be honest, I was expecting the album to be carried by old favorites like “Can’t Hold Us” and “Make The Money”, along with new singles “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love”, but I was absolutely blow away by the new material.  The best tracks on the album come in the latter half – big time flows like “White Walls” and “Jimmy Iovine”, and the absolutely stunning track “Starting Over” – where Mack tells the chilling story about him relapsing on cough syrup.  Other standouts include “Neon Cathedral” (with an incredible vocal from Allen Stone) and “A Wake”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have created a masterpiece, and it gives me so much joy (and relief) that people realized it and rewarded them by putting them on top of the iTunes charts. Finally, good music is deservedly on top. If you don’t have it yet, show some love for a local legend and get it on iTunes here (the deluxe version is well worth it). My city is FILTHY


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