Kid Cudi – King Wizard

Kid Cudi has a new album he is working on.  This isn’t just any album apparently.  He recently tweeted “mark my words, INDICUD will be the greatest album ever made. Know that I’m not lying.”  It’s a lofty statement if you ask me.  Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of Kid Cudi, but every great rap artist has something that has been listened to constantly for decades because it is just THAT GOOD and becomes timeless.

I understand that sales on albums are down for hip hop artists, but this year Nicki Minaj has the best first week album sales at 253,000.  What the hell is going on?  Did I miss the part where Nicki Minaj not only makes good music, but the most popular highest selling?  Even one year ago The Carter IV, Take Care, and  Watch the Throne outsold Nicki Minaj with The Carter IV almost reaching one million.  In 2010 Eminem’s Recovery album hit 741,000.  Something is wrong in the mainstream rap game, but I hope hope that Kid Cudi lives up to his promise because I want order restored!


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