Tommy Trash & Sebastian Ingrosso – Reload

Happy friday to us all. I can think of no better musical gift than Tommy Trash and Sebastian Ingrosso dropping their much anticipated collab “Reload.” It’s already gained tons of airplay from top DJs at Electric Zoo, but now that its officially out, expect it to be a staple in sets for months to come. Listen once, and I guarantee this gets stuck in your head.  Enjoy the track in full quality glory by grabbing your copy on Beatport

Tommy Trash & Sebastian Ingrosso – Reload


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (Previews)

In light of the show tonight that has been moved away from the new Foundation Night Club (I don’t think it’s ever going to open) I thought I would cheer you guys up with some previews of the songs most likely going to be heard tonight. These two Belgium studs along with some of the DJs under their label Smash The House have a ton of new music arriving soon, but here are a few of my favorites.

Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Lil Jon vs Coone – Madness

Yves V ft Dani L Mebius – Chained 

Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas vs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Phat Brahms

Dimitri Vegas, Moguai & Like Mike – Mammoth


Thirsty Thursday


School is almost back in session and we have been lazier than Flo Rida producing his own beat.  With our dearest apologies I bring you a much overdue Thirsty Thursday to help you get back into things.  We have a great list of songs for you to get the party rolling tonight.  Great pop EDM by Michael Woods, a banger from Hardwell & Showtek, a Badass mashup of Breakin’ the Sweat & Rock the House (2 songs is better than 1 in this case), and a few more songs to say we are sorry. And of course a throwback…

And of course something to throwback…

Kaskade Bootlegs

Recently, Kaskade took to tumblr and wrote about the ethics of mash ups, DJs use of others’ materials, and the changing musical landscape in general. It’s a very well written piece, and is all a response to a recent squack fest on twitter, where Axwell and Ingrosso lambasted Hardwell for using one of their song’s in his Bootleg Pack and giving it away for free. There’s a huge gray area when it comes to the politics of mashups, and its a debate that will not soon be resolved. As an avid music lover, I see a mashup as beneficial to all parties involved – its a refreshing new take on a song, and gives all artists involved additional exposure and notoriety.  But, as Kaskade said best, “it all comes down to intent”

Opinions aside, Kaskade’s mashups are widely considered as some of the best, and after seeing him live, I couldn’t agree more. Here’s a selection of his best bootlegs and remixes

One of the most recognizable drops in dance music, Kaskade adds hauting vocals to the build, making the drop just that much more anticipated

Tommy Trash’s Ladi Dadi Remix is one of the best beats out there, and Kaskade layers his own song, “Be Still” so perfectly over it.  Audio magic

Stars Troll – Kaskade vs Quilinez

Another example of a vocal so perfectly mashed with a beat that a listener with no prior knowledge would assume its an original song. It’s that perfect.

Kaskade – Room for Happiness (Gregory Klosman Remix)

Finally, not one of Kaskade’s mashups, but I had to find a place for this one on the site. Can’t believe we’ve never posted this song, but better late than never. If you’ve never heard this, you are truly missing out.  This song has the unique ability to make you want to move your entire body, and hearing it played live brings out an animal you never thought you had in you. To put it in Kaskade’s own words, this song SLAPS

To hear more of Kaskade’s mashups, remixes and bootlegs, visit his Soundcloud, and pay special attention to his now legendary Coachella set