With an absolutely loaded lineup, its easy to get caught up in all the top tier headliners that have been announced for Freaknight. But yesterday, USC added quite possibly the most unique performer to date. Netsky (born Boris Daenen) is a 23 year old Belgian producer who is immensely popular in his home country. Drum & Bass isn’t really all the rage in the States (for good reason too cause of a lot of it sucks), but Netsky’s style is a melodic take on DnB that is super listener friendly. On top of it all, Netsky’s shows feature live drums, synths, keys and guest vocalists live on stage – so he’s more than your typical knob twister, bringing a unique live performance aspect to a genre so devoid of it.  More than excited to see his show at Freaknight – and extremely stoked that USC has the insight to add depth and variety to an already stacked lineup.

Netsky – Puppy

Netsky – Come Alive (peep the Keytar solo @3:10)

Netsky – Give & Take

Netsky 2 on Spotify

Netsky Official Website


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