Thirsty Thursday

Apologies for the lack TT mixes for a while, but we are back in action for all of your late night party beats.  We have some Dorrough, a mashup of Deniz Koyu vs. The Naked and Famous, and one fresh out of the oven from R3hab.

Tum Tum – Yeah Doe (Ft. Dorrough & B Hamp)

Ken Loi – Young Bong


Marina & the Diamonds – Power & Control (Michael Woods Remix)

Michael Woods was another standout performer at Paradiso.  He absolutely should have played on the main stage (would have been perfect in place of Excision), but somehow got the shaft by getting slotted at the same time as Knife Party.  One of the toughest things I had to do at the festival was to walk away from his set.  His newest remix is of Marina & the Diamonds’ “Power and Control”, debuting on his Soundcloud only a few days ago.  This was the last song I heard him play at Paradiso, and it left quite an impression, for good reason.  There is so much emotion and passion behind this production that it puts the original to shame.  You better believe I’ll be jumping at the next chance I get to see Michael Woods play a full set.

Above & Beyond – Small Moments Like These

Above & Beyond played the most outstanding and inspiring set at Paradiso.  It was more than just a show; it was an emotional journey – one that reminded me of all the reasons why I love music, and why I love life.  Group Therapy meant so much more than just melodies and beats, and its one of those “small moments” in life that I will never forget. This song is an amazing way to sum up  Above & Beyond’s tour.  They give it out as a free download, so be sure to grab it Here, and keep your eyes peeled for the next Group Therapy session nearby.  You won’t want to miss out.

Top Songs of Paradiso

What a weekend.  Probably one of the best weekends of our lives.  If you were at the Gorge this past weekend you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Paradiso Festival was an experience we will never forget.  In doing everything we can to relive it as much as possible, we put together this list of the songs that defined Paradiso.

We were unfortunately departing from L.A. Riots to catch R3hab when they pull out the Ni**as in Paris remix.  Not sure exactly who it was by since we were heading out, but this is my closest guess and it’s badass regardless.  Also this whole album was posted earlier today.

David Guetta (ft Usher) – Without You (R3hab Remix)

R3hab was a bit of a disappointment for me, but his set did have his moments.  Without You is a great sing-a-long, and R3hab’s remix adds some much needed energy to the drop

Avicii – IDs

One the most exciting parts of Paradiso was hearing Avicii unleash some HUGE new tracks. He surprised everyone by throwing down a darker, heaver setlist than we’re used to. His new songs literally blew me away. The made such an impression that I spent a good half hour digging to find some pretty scrappy low quality live recordings. The first is an huge, deep, thumping bass with a super unique cello orchestration. The second is classic Avicii – euphoric melodic synths and a beat that gets you off the floor.  It might be a year before he actually releases these songs, and as agonizing as that might be, it will be worth the wait. He pulled his set together by playing gems like Tommy Trash’s remix of “The Veldt”, a great bootleg combo of Antidote and Greyhound, and Third Party’s remix of Otherside. Overall, Avicii’s Paradiso set was much more impressive than his set at the Paramount in January. He regained my faith in him as one of the best producers in the world. 

Michael Woods (Ft Little Boots) – I Wish

Michael Woods got the worst draw of the festival by getting put up against Knife Party.  Thankfully, we made the incredibly difficult decision to see half of his set, and my god was it worth it.  His mixing skills were impeccable, and his epic builds were so fitting for the venue and the vibe of the weekend.  This was a standout track.  Again, unreleased, but we’ll keep an eye out 

Knife Party killed it as to be expected.  Their sound really draws all tastes in because of how unique this talented duo are.  This song was definitely one of the biggest drops of the festival after about half the audience innately checked to see if it was their cell phone ringing at 1:30.  Also they played a brand new song at the end of their set that we will keep you posted when we find out its title.  I’m thinking they need to remix Break Ya Neck because that’s what the audience was attempting to do.  

Above & Beyond – On My Way to Heaven 

It is so incredibly hard to pick one song to describe how beautiful, uplifting and mesmerizing Above & Beyond’s performance was, but this would be the closest one to it.  Group Therapy was pure bliss, and one of the best productions I have ever seen.

Tiesto & Showtek – Hell Yeah

Afrojack’s last song and an absolute banger.  Stuck in my head all day today.  No better way to end the festival.