Sasquatch Playlist

The set times for Sasquatch Music Festival just dropped this weekend, and I got instantly more excited for all the musical goodness that will be on display this memorial day weekend at the Gorge.  If you’re going, here’s your cue to check out the schedule and make your own lineup.  If you’re stickin it out at home, you can still bask in the buzz that comes along with the premier music festival of the northwest.  If anything, Sasquatch is a great excuse to find new music, and most of the time it will be from bands that you’ve never heard of or buzz bands that are on the rise.

There are so many artists performing, its hard to sort through all of em to find stuff you like. To help guide your musical discovery, I made a Spotify Playlist with my favorite tunes by the performers I’m most excited to see, aided of course, by my personal schedule.  (Two conflicts particularly break my heart: 1. Explosions in the Sky/GirlTalk on Friday and 2. Nero/Beck on Monday, but for the most part, I like the way my schedule turned out).

I encourage you to check out some music from all of these artists. Hopefully you can find music that you’ll love for years to come.

Sasquatch Playlist – on Spotify


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