DJ Trademark & Yoni – Wonderfield

There are so many mashups out there these days that it is hard to dig through all the garbage to find the gold.  There are also too many people out there creating “mashup porn,” or cheap entertainment, as I see it, throwing together 4 or 5 pop songs over a mainstream house beat and putting their name on it.  “Mashup porn” is inherently popular because its fail-proof –  If you pick 4 songs that people love and put em together in the same key, it’s probably going to sound good (1+1=2 right?).  Much more skill is involved when an artist is able to create awesome music using samples of songs that people have never heard, or samples of songs that actually don’t sound that great in the first place, in turn both introducing people to new music and expressing impressive musical vision.  Holding to those standards, I don’t think anyone can touch Girl Talk, to me, the ultimate king of mashups.

Rant aside, we still love mashup porn because it sound good, even if the people that create them have less talent than some of the real masters of the genre.  This is definitely mashup porn. I’m mainly writing about this song because it features “Launguage” by Porter Robinson, my favorite song at the moment.  These mashup dudes are so fast on the draw these days its ridiculous. I mean, “Language” isn’t even officially out yet and its already in a mashup?! As much as I want to bash these guys for using 5 songs that everyone knows, they weave em together pretty seamlessly, creating an end product that of course, sounds great.  Hear for yourself:

DJ Trademark & Yoni – Wonderfield

“Language (Original Mix)” Porter Robinson
“Firework” Katy Perry
“Someone Like You” Adele
“No Sleep” Wiz Khalifa
“Wonderwall” Oasis

***Free download on Soundcloud


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