Thirsty Thursday – Pi Kapp Tropics

Pi Kapp Tropics.  The biggest party of the year deserves a top notch soundtrack.  We’ll bring you our musical coverage in 3 parts – prefunk, party and aftermath.  Up first, here are some sunny sky jams to get you in Tropics state of mind.  Stay tuned tomorrow for DJ Janis’ Tropics setlist as well as some songs to sooth the hangover.  Get Lei’d TONIGHT!

T-Spoon – Sex on the Beach

Try not to sing along, I dare you

Rooney – I’m Shakin’

Call me a goon for watching Season 1 of the OC, but the music was legit, and will forever brings back images of beautiful girls and beach weather.  ROOONEYYY!!!

Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack (Viceroy Jet Life Remix)

Summertime, All the time. This is an amazing remix of one of my all time favorite songs.  Viceroy, AKA Austen Afridi, turns popular songs in to sunny summer jams. Its impossible not to feel happy listening to his music.  Check out more of his tunes and show him some love on his Facebook Page or his Soundcloud

Enur – Calabria (Remix Ft. MIMS)

This is a classic tropics song with a nice contribution from MIMS.

5 & A Dime – Breaking Spring

Brand new song by 5 & A Dime and I can not stop listening to it.  You’re lying to yourself if you don’t secretly like Call Me, Maybe.


2012 by Fareoh & Archie V. 
Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson 
Call Me, Maybe by Carly Rae Jespen 
Domino by Jessie J 
Last Friday Night by Katy Perry 
No Beef by Afrojack & Steve Aoki

***TIP: To download, Right Click and choose “Save As”


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