New Music – Avicii, Afrojack, and Alesso

Made it back to the states in one piece, but missed out on a week’s worth of music.  With Ultra going on in Miami right now, there’s about to be an influx of new tracks and sets coming from all the best DJs in the world.  After I catching up with everything I missed this past week, I’ll do some mad research on stuff that went down at Ultra.  In the meantime, check out some new jams from some of our favorites.

Avicii – Last Dance (Avicii previewed this new single on Pete Tong on Friday.  Its not new, but its one of the gems in Avicii’s closet that haven’t been released yet.  It is supposedly being released soon on Warner Records)

Afrojack – Unknown (Just unleashed at Ultra Friday night)

Keane – Silenced By the Night (Alesso remix) (My favorite new track, a masterful remix by Alesso)


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