Ehrencrona – This Is So Good

A long time ago, this song was egregiously mislabeled as an Avicii song; ID3 if you will.  People went nuts over the prospect of another banger on par with Levels.  Months went by with no news from Avicii’s camp and people mostly forgot about it.  I did too, until I just so happened to remember today. After some deft internet sleuthing, I found out the true artist for the song – Ehrencrona – another swedish producer who seems to be cut from the same cloth as Avicii. The song aptly titled because it is super legit.  I seriously think Ehrencrona should get a lot of credit for producing a song that many people thought could be the next Levels. That speaks volumes about the the quality of the song, and you can only wonder how big it would be if it was actually an Avicii. Give this dude the credit he deserves, bump this song.

Ehrencrona – This Is So Good



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