Lana Del Rey

After becoming a internet sensation, Lana Del Rey’s first full length album was greatly anticipated.  Then she sucked it up real bad on SNL, now she’s been blowing up the internet and falling victim of people constantly doubting her talent. She seems to be one of the most controversial discussion points in the music world and I’ve heard just about everything there is to hear about LDR.

Regardless, I can’t get enough of her. Her SNL performance was horrendous, but I think it was tremendously overblown.  Everyone sounds bad on SNL (to name one, Kanye’s off-pitched rendition of Love Lockdown was WAYY worse).  After listening to her album for a good week now, I’ve thrown my support fully behind Lana – my girl’s got talent.  She actually has great range – something that she unable to show on SNL, and her voice has a unique ability to be haunting and playful at the same time..creating a musical anomalie that I dig.  My top picks from her album “Born to Die” –  Get it on iTunes

Off to the Races


Dark Paradise


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